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Salad Days

by marlaine / 12 Jul, 2015

Today’s Wall Street Journal had an article about “The Lost Art of the Salad.”  Basically stating that we have stopped celebrating the wonderful flavors in the salad ingredients by drowning them with dressing, instead of creating a complex and refreshing blend of  “culinary pleasure.” I could not

Dessert or Breakfast? When you eat real food either is a good choice!

by marlaine / 05 Jul, 2015

Rustic Blueberry Galette gluten free and sugar free! Tasted amazing for dessert last night and breakfast this morning! No ingredients to make me feel guilty, just eating real food! This recipe was adapeted from the cover recipe of Bon Appetite this month.

Ready to Detox?

by marlaine / 07 Jun, 2015

This week's intention at our house is DETOX MIND & BODY. If you want to detox too I offer 2 easy options!

Grandma was Right, Chicken Broth is Good for the Soul.

by marlaine / 22 May, 2015

I always keep homemade chicken, turkey or beef bone broth on hand.

Crudités is the culinary term for raw vegetables.

by marlaine / 22 May, 2015

Crudités is the culinary term for raw vegetables. What does a whole food, nutrient rich diet mean? First, let’s focus on fruits and vegetables.