Vision Statement

To create communities that make healthy food & nutrition choices.

Mission Statement

To be a leading source for nutrition education and to be a champion for helping clients change from eating the modern diet filled with processed foods to eating a nutrient rich diet filled with whole foods.


To assist individuals, groups and business by delivering customized, research-based education tools that expand awareness about the value of nutrition & a healthy diet in overall health & wellness.

Marlaine Maahs

I am a Certified Nutritional Therapist who utilizes cutting edge nutrition science to bring about better health and wellness. I am passionate about family, nutrition, food, cooking and health. As a wife in a busy home and a Mom of four active kids, I have a daily system for optimizing my family’s nutrition and for preparing simple, delicious and nourishing, family friendly meals. My passion is to partner with individual clients to achieve their goals, create customized workshops for groups and deliver presentations to larger audiences about the health risks of inflammation caused by gluten, processed food and sugar. I am knowledgeable in weight control, food allergies, blood sugar regulation, digestive health and many other topics of nutrition. I provide hands-on support through meal plans, recipes, cooking demonstrations and pantry cleanses to transform families and communities from eating a modern diet rich in processed foods to becoming more aware of nutrition and to eating a diet rich in nutrient dense, whole foods.



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